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WHM API 1 accesses the WHM interface's features. You can use this API to perform server administration tasks, administrate cPanel and WHM reseller accounts, and manage cPanel & WHM services.


In cPanel & WHM version 76, we introduced server profiles and roles. When you enable a non-Standard Node server profile, the system disables API calls associated with that profile's disabled roles.


WHM API calls through JSON consist of the following basic parts:

JSON API Example

Server & Port

The web server's HTTP address and the port number to use. Generally, this value begins with https:// and the domain name.

When you call this API, use the following ports:

  • 2086 — Unsecure calls as a specific WHM account.
  • 2087 — Secure calls as a specific WHM account. Warning:

You cannot call this API via cPanel ports (2082 or 2083) or Webmail ports (2095 or 2096).

Security Token

The current session's security token.

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