cPanel & WHM Development

cPanel & WHM offers many customization options for server administrators and third-party developers. Our APIs and other integration systems offer the tools to successfully build a custom application that works seamlessly with cPanel or WHM.

Get Started with WHM

System administrators use WHM to perform server administration functions:

  • Create, manage, and monitor cPanel accounts.
  • Configure networking information.
  • Manage SSL certificates.
  • Monitor and restart services.

Get Started with cPanel

Website owners use cPanel to perform website management functions:

  • Manage individual domains.
  • Create and manage email (including Webmail) and FTP accounts.
  • Create and manage databases.

The API function documentation on this site applies to cPanel & WHM version 122. Some API functions may not exist in older cPanel & WHM versions.

  • Visit our legacy Developer Documentation to find additional information about our deprecated API systems.
  • For more information about Manage2 APIs, read our Manage2 documentation.
  • To learn more about how to integrate into cPanel & WHM, read our Guides and Tutorials documentation.