Development Guides and Tutorials


Welcome to our Developer Guide and Tutorials page. You can find information about integrating and customizing interfaces with cPanel & WHM.


Guide to Testing Custom Code — This guide explains the basics of how to test your custom code.

Guide to cPanel Interface Customization and Branding — You can use several different methods to modify the appearance of the cPanel interface.

Guide to cPanel Plugins — cPanel plugins add new functionality to the cPanel interface.

Guide to WHM Plugins — WHM plugins add new functionality to the WHM interface.

Guide to WHM dynamicui Files — WHM themes use dynamicui files to display icons and groups.

Guide to Template Toolkit — Template Toolkit is the main template system for the cPanel and WHM interfaces.

Guide to Site Publisher Templates — You can create your own custom templates for cPanel's Site Publisher feature.

Guide to API Authentication — cPanel & WHM supports several API authentication methods.

Guide to Standardized Hooks — Standardized Hooks trigger applications when cPanel & WHM performs an action.

Guide to Package Extensions — Package extensions add custom fields to packages and accounts.

Guide to Perl in cPanel & WHM — cPanel & WHM ships with multiple Perl environments.

Guide to cPanel Variables — The LiveAPI system and dynamicui files can access cPanel's global variables.

Guide to Locales — The locale system localizes text in Perl, Template Toolkit, or JavaScript code.

Guide to the LiveAPI System — The LiveAPI System provides environments for applications in the cPanel interface.

Guide to Custom dnsadmin Plugins — Custom dnsadmin plugins can update DNS records on external systems.

Guide to API Privilege Escalation — To run a function with escalated privileges, call a function through the Call method or use the send_cpwrapd_request pluggable wrapper.

Guide to External Authentication — External Authentication modules allow users to log in through OpenID Connect-compliant identity providers.

Guide to cPanel Market Provider Modules — This document explains how to create a third-party custom cPanel Market provider module with basic functionality.

Guide to Transfer and Restore API Functions — The system uses several WHM API 1 functions during the transfer and restore process.

Guide to Report Receiver APIs for the ModSecurity Rule Reports — This document describes report receiver API endpoints for the ModSecurity™ Rule Reports.

Guide to Replacing cPanel API 1 Functions with UAPI Equivalents — This document lists the UAPI functions which replace previously-deprecated cPanel API 1 functions.

Guide to Integration Links — Integration links create a link in a user's cPanel interface using WHM API 1.

Guide to Third-Party AutoSSL Provider Modules — AutoSSL provider modules allow your server's users to automatically secure locally-hosted domains on their accounts with certificates from that SSL certificate provider.

Guide to Custom Service Notifications — You can create modules to send notifications to custom services.


Add a Link to the cPanel Interface — This tutorial adds an icon that links to an external location to the cPanel interface.

Call UAPI's SSL::install_ssl Function in Custom Code — This tutorial creates custom code to call UAPI's SSL::install_ssl function.

Create a ModSecurity Vendor — This tutorial describes how to create a custom ModSecurity™ vendor.

Create a New cPanel Interface — This tutorial uses Template Toolkit to create a new cPanel interface.

Create a New cPanel Interface in PHP — This tutorial uses PHP to create a new cPanel interface.

Create a New WHM Interface in PHP — This tutorial uses PHP to create a new WHM interface.

Create a New WHM Interface in Template Toolkit — This tutorial uses Template Toolkit to create a new WHM interface.

Create a Standardized Hook — This tutorial adds custom hooks to preserve a customized configuration file.

Create a WHM Plugin — This tutorial shows how to use WHM plugins to add custom system administrator-level functionality to cPanel & WHM servers.

Create Custom-Branded Login Pages — This tutorial creates server-wide custom login pages for the cPanel, WHM, or Webmail interfaces.

Integrate Custom Webmail Applications — This tutorial explains how to integrate custom webmail applications in cPanel's Webmail interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts >> Check Email).

Localize Text in cPanel Plugins — This tutorial creates and installs a fully-localized cPanel plugin.

Register a WHM Plugin with AppConfig — This tutorial explains how to register a WHM plugin with AppConfig.

Replace a cPanel API 1 Function With a UAPI Function — This tutorial shows how to replace a deprecated cPanel API 1 function with a UAPI function in a cPanel integration or plugin.

Use UAPI's Fileman::upload_files Function in Custom Code — This tutorial explains the process to upload files with UAPI's Fileman::upload_files function.

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