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Guide to Perl


cPanel & WHM ships with multiple Perl environments. Perl modules allow you to add custom functionality to a cPanel & WHM server.


For a list of CPAN modules that cPanel & WHM includes, read the Third-Party Software documentation for the appropriate version of cPanel & WHM.

Perl uses in cPanel & WHM

cPanel & WHM's backend is Perl-based, and you can use Perl in many custom cPanel & WHM applications:

  • LiveAPI Perl Module — The LiveAPI Perl Module provides an environment for Perl applications. Use the LiveAPI system in conjunction with cPanel & WHM's APIs to create integrated cPanel & WHM applications.
  • cPanel Licensing Perl Module — The Manage2 API automates cPanel license management procedures. Use this module to integrate with Manage2, cPanel's license management interface.
  • Perl Hook Action Code — Standardized Hooks trigger applications when cPanel & WHM performs an action. You can create hook action code in a custom Perl module or as an executable script.

The term "Boolean" in our documentation refers to parameters that accept values of 1 or 0. cPanel & WHM's APIs do not support the literal values of true and false.