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Guide to Transfer and Restore API Functions


The system uses several WHM API 1 functions during the transfer and restore process. This guide explains the relationship between these API functions and the order in which to call them.

  • The source and target servers must be able to communicate over port 2087 to use this feature. They must also be able to communicate over the port that your servers use for SSH connections. For more information about the ports that cPanel & WHM uses, read our How to Configure Your Firewall for cPanel Services documentation.
  • Do not shut down or restart any processes on either server during the transfer and restoration process.
  • Do not start a transfer during a system update ( upcp ) or start a system update during a transfer. The system update will fail.

To transfer accounts, you must obtain the following:

  • SSH access to the remote server.
  • root -level privileges with the su or sudo commands.

To bypass the need for SSH, you must use either the AccountRemoteRoot module or the root user login authentication method.

Transfer and restore process

We recommend the following workflow during the transfer and restore process:

  1. Plan the transfer session — The planning process sets up the transfer session.
  2. Create the transfer session — The creation process creates the transfer session.
  3. Check the transfer session — A transfer session check ensures that you can create a system account on the remote server.
  4. Queue the transfer item — When you queue the transfer item, you add a package or account (transfer item) to the transfer list.
  5. Start the transfer session — The start process begins the transfer session.
  6. Monitor the transfer session — When you monitor the transfer session, you check the status of the transfer session.

You can pause and restart an active transfer session throughout the transfer process.