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Guide to cPanel Plugins - Uninstall Plugins


To uninstall plugins from cPanel & WHM, choose the uninstallation process according to your system's version.

While you can also uninstall plugins manually, we strongly recommend that you use the uninstall_plugin script.

Uninstall a plugin

The uninstall_plugin script eliminates the need to manually remove plugins. This file passes information to cPanel's dynamicui files when you uninstall your plugin. This method allows the user to uninstall a cPanel plugin.

To use this script to uninstall a plugin to cPanel, run the following command:

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/uninstall_plugin plugin_file --theme=theme_name
  • In this command, plugin_file represents the plugin installation file (a .tar.gz , .bzip , or .zip file, or an uncompressed directory), and theme_name represents the cPanel theme to uninstall from ( jupiter or another valid theme on the server).
  • If you do not specify the --theme option and a theme, the script attempts to uninstall the plugin from the server's default theme. If the compressed plugin installation file does not contain an install.json file, the uninstallation will fail.
  • Removing a plugin will also remove any Account Enhancements that the plugin created.
  • Removing a plugin will not remove the Account Enhancements that an Administrator created for the plugin.