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Quickstart Development Guide - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know?

For a successful first plugin, we recommend that you have at least a beginning knowledge of development in either Perl or PHP. Other programming languages can also integrate with cPanel & WHM, but our main tools use PHP or Perl.

A good understanding of the cPanel & WHM software and of server administration is also helpful.


The term "Boolean" in our documentation refers to parameters that accept values of 1 or 0. cPanel & WHM's APIs do not support the literal values of true and false.

What can I create?

Developers have successfully integrated many kinds of applications with cPanel & WHM.

The following are just a few examples of the types of plugins that you can create:

  • Automatic installation tools.
  • Security tools.
  • Billing solutions.
  • Mass deployment tools.
  • License administration tools.
  • Server administration and automation tools.

Why should I integrate with cPanel & WHM?

Worldwide, cPanel & WHM maintains the largest installation base of web hosting control panels. We maintain a 3:1 ratio on hosted domains compared to the next most popular commercially available solution.

When you integrate your product with cPanel & WHM, you take advantage of several benefits:

  • Direct exposure to the world's top web hosting providers and data centers.
  • Access to a market of millions of web hosting accounts.
  • Active placement in cPanel's thriving community through co-marketing programs like the Application Catalog .
  • A committed team of WebPros International, LLC developers who actively work with integrators to extend cPanel & WHM's functionality.

Who can I contact for help?

Several options are available if you need help with a development project:

If you think that you found a bug in an API or another cPanel development tool, contact cPanel Technical Support with your issue.